The 1st dedolight competition winners

"Lighting is not just about making things brighter. Lighting is, and will always remain an elementary tool for image creation – no matter how many pixels a sensor has, nor how high the ISO is. Today, where cameras have a sensitivity that almost makes them night-vision devices, lights with less power consumption, battery-powered lights, can be easily and effectively employed. Based on the many lighting competitions with which I have always ended many of my lighting seminars - as well as the wish to promote a passion for image creation and the precise and differentiated use of light equipment, I had the idea of starting an International dedolight Lighting Competition.“ (Dedo Weigert)

Through the worldwide network of Dedo Weigert Film and dedolight Precision Lighting Instruments we offered to provide each of our distributors with
• a classical dedolight 5-Light Kit
for them to loan to interested film enthusiasts – free of charge.

The task was to shoot a video on any subject of their own choice.

There was one important condition: the film should include a “Making Of” tutorial. It should not only create interesting images, but demonstrate to friends, colleagues or other enthusiasts in what way each of the 5 lights were used in order to create a particular image.

The result was that we received approximately 200 entries from around the world, which came to us via YouTube or Vimeo.

The jury of Dedo Weigert Film took great care to look at each entry several times. The criteria were:
• image quality
• creativity
• depth of explanation
• and the video as a whole

The jury’s final decision for the 1st International dedolight Lighting Competition was:
Top 30 winners and
4 Special Recognition winners*
(*Apart from the Top 30 winners there were many entries that showed tremendous care and effort - and some of them contained a sincere emotional impact and message. Such values were very difficult to integrate in the criteria which we had set. This is why we felt compelled to offer the 4 additional prizes)

For the Top 30 winners Dedo Weigert Film is now starting to deliver the prizes with a total value of approximately 100.000 Euros.

Here is the list of the Top 30 winners

The first winner

Ilya Rashap - Russia

Born in 1979, in Moscow (Russia), has a degree in economics. 
For 10 years Ilya has worked as a designer and art-director in various newspapers and magazines, started his photography carrier 8 years ago. 
Well-known in Russia as a successful commercial photographer. Conducts the comprehensive photography training programs in Russia and Europe. Writes the popular photoblog which articles are cited widely.

Selected personal exhibitions:
2011. “Another world”, Rachmaninov Garden Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia;
2012. “Another world”, Photo Romania Festival, Cluj Napoca, Romania;
2012. “Another world”, Barrikada Gallery, Moscow, Russia;
2014. “Another world”, Trend, Khabarovsk, Russia;
2015. “Space”, PhotoVisa festival, Krasnodar, Russia.

"I am try to capture something that does not exist in the real world, create a new story. No matter how beautiful is that subject (a girl, or a landscape) it's just not enough. It is not enough to photograph something pretty, I need to create another world while taking pretty photos of it.
I believe that good photography is mostly a metamorphosis. It’s mostly about allegory, subconscious meaning. Photography cannot be straightforward, it talks to the viewer with hints, awaking his imagination. In most cases, in order to fall in love with a photo there is no need to answer the question “What is it about”. Even more – usually it may harm. Dissociated, disassembled photograph instantly loses most of its enchantment.  It’s like poems – when we read a good poem we never perceive it literally. Try to decompose your favorite poem – separate the meaning of every rhyme – you’ll understand that you like it less. It woks the same with photography. Photography is a hint, unasked question, unexpressed thought." (Ilya Rashap)

Ilya Rashap

The second winner(s)

Hans de Jonge and Remco van Schadewijk - The Netherlands

Hans de Jonge

"My professional life stretches out to two fields: cinema and (architectural) design. What interests me is the notion of complexity that both fields have embedded in them: they exist within the complex world and, at the same time, influence that world. Both film and design require creativity and craft and neither of the two are about the art alone. Both fields also have in common that a great number and a great variety of actors and forces come together to create a unified whole: a building, or a film.
A film is the emergent product of what happens when its creators are doing an attempt to make it, interacting with the rest of the world, for example while dealing with constraints such as time and budget, but at the same time a great lighting opportunity may rise when the sun just punches through the clouds at sunset, or when an actor transcends himself.
I am working as freelance filmmaker. In my case it means I am executing many of the disciplines of filmmaking myself on a regular basis: producing, directing, editing and – mostly – photography, which is my specialisation. Aside from my work as a filmmaker am also a designer. My formal education is that of an architect, specialised in parametric and computationally driven design. Architecture has taught me to structure thought, to be able to abstract, a skill I make use of frequently as a filmmaker.
In my films the visual aspect is perhaps the most important. For me, film is in the first place a visual medium; Show – don’t tell. The sophisticated camera moves and mis-en-scène of Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanley Kubrick are examples for me and, on a more modern note, films like Tarsem Singh’s ‘The Fall’ inspire me to a great extent. I hope that, One day, I will reach a level at approaches theirs."

Hans de Jonge

Remco van Schadewijk

"I am a scientific film producer and a scientist. My main interest is in science communication and education, with a particular love for narrative fiction.
Ever science I picked up a camera I become fascinated with storytelling and film as a medium to talk about science from my background in the life sciences.
Ever since I’ve been keen on expanding my knowledge and skills in visual communication. I believe that science education can be greatly enhanced by the use of visuals in exciting new forms of communication. Plenty of experimentation and indeed research I love doing.
But I also enjoy the process of film making, the controlled chaos, the whirring set and being part of the team spirit. As such I frequently work in the lighting department as gaffer. One of the nicer things of working as a gaffer,  is the feeling you get when you nail the pre-lighting of a scene and the director of photography walks in, eyes the set and tells "We'll shoot as is". As you settle in for a long take of an intimate scene, full of intense dialogue, the feeling creeps up you are watching first-rate theatre, and you have front-row tickets. To me, that is marvellous."

Remco van Schadewijk

The winners 3 to 30

3. Winner

Huma Producciones - Spain:


4. Winner

Dmytro Antonov - Ukraine


5. Winner

Yann Berrai - Germany


6. Winner

Mr. Tse and Mr. Mak - China


7. Winner

Dorothea Mengeler - Germany


8. Winner

Daniel Vázquez - Spain


9. Winner

Catalin Cadan - Romania


10. Winner

Arastoo Givi - Iran


11. Winner

Fabian De Backer and Alex Debreczeni - Belgium


12. Winner

Svetlana Makarova - Russia


13. Winner

Lebedev & A. Lebedev - Ukraine


14. Winner

Alexey Romanenko - Ukraine


15. Winner

Ulysse Tassin - France


16. Winner

Rony Ahmed - Germany


17. Winner

Balazs Bozzay and David Gajdics - Hungary


18. Winner

Viliam Vala - Czech Republic


19. Winner

Michael Yakunin - Russia


20. Winner

Alexandr Burdov - Russia


21. Winner

KANKA Group - Turkey


22. Winner

Ilyas Gafarov - Russia


23. Winner

Szaboles Pasztor - Hungary


24. Winner

Nickolas Dewet - Australia


25. Winner

Devin F. Fehely - USA


26. Winner

Mr. Diamantis Tassis - Greece


27. Winner

Fritz Urschitz - Austria


28. Winner

Dmitry Bobrov - Russia


29. Winner

Batuhan Aydin - Germany


30. Winner

Jean-Louis Padis - France


And here is the list of the 4 Special Recognition Winners:

1. Special Recognition Winner



2. Special Recognition Winner

Maya Reynolds and Rohan Reynolds - Australia


3. Special Recognition Winner

Sergey Maltsev - Russia


4. Special Recognition Winner

Pol Turrents - Spain


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