Rosco’s Mission:

Rosco leads with innovative solutions allowing creative people to achieve their vision, while creating a compelling culture and sustainable growth.


Rosco’s Values:

Customer Focus - listening and understanding customers; providing quality solution to their needs.

Quality - consistently achieving desired results.

Commitment - consistent support of our customers and co-workers.

Integrity - having and demonstrating values.

Passion - intense interest in and enthusiasm for our work.

Creative Thinking - fresh, creative, innovative approaches to achieving results.

Enduring Relationships - building long term, mutually supportive bonds with customers, suppliers and each other.

Trust - Earning trust by being truthful, reliable, competent and exchanging open and honest feedback.


Rosco, founded in 1910, is best known for the products it originally manufactured: color filters, gobos, scenic paints and fog products for the entertainment industry.

The company now offers products in more than a dozen categories, including LED Lighting, Backdrops and Digital Imagery, Window Control, Image and Effect Projection Equipment, Staging Products, Projection Screens and Flooring products for dance and television studios




Rosco Steel Gobo

World's most popular range of gobos, including breakup, windows, cloud patterns & more


Rosco Effects Glass Gobo

Add texture and color to your design with these innovative gobos, including Image Glass, Colorizers, Prismatics and ColorWaves


Custom Steel Gobos

Custom Steel Gobos

Customized steel patterns for projecting logos, monograms and décor 

Custom steel gobos are the most inexpensive way to project an image. Whether you need to project a monogram of the bride and groom at a wedding, a specific breakup pattern onto your set, or a company logo at a corporate event – custom steel gobos can sculpt the light into the letters and patterns your design needs.

Custom Glass Gobos

Rosco Effects Glass Gobo

Customized glass patterns for projecting logos, monograms and décor

Whether you need B&W glass versions of your favorite Rosco steel designs or you need to project a color-matched logo for a corporate event, Rosco Custom Glass Gobos are the most effective way to provide superior projected imagery for the most demanding client or production manager. Choose Rosco to ensure perfect color and image design for your glass gobos.


Filters & Diffusions


Rosco’s range of high-temp (HT), flame-retardant color filters

Rosco superge filters

Color Stability

In any color filter, the colorants or dyes eventually migrate away from the hottest area, which causes fading and discoloration. The rate at which the filter fades is a function of the dye employed and the depth of penetration by the dye into the base material. When simply coated on the surface, a dye will sublimate from the base into the air more easily than a dye that is uniformly locked by chemistry throughout the material. The greatest color-stability is achieved when the dye is dispersed uniformly through an extruded plastic base, as it is in Rosco Supergel filters.


Inherently Flame Retardant

Rosco Supergel filters are inherently self-extinguishing. An advantage of manufacturing Rosco’s Supergel filters from raw, polycarbonate resin is our ability to modify the chemistry of the plastic.  Recognizing the global importance of fire prevention, Rosco includes a fire retardant additive in our resin formulation to create the only inherently flame retardant color filter in the world. Supergel has been tested according to the strictest standards in the US and Europe, and is the only filter range to have earned the demanding German B1 flame-rating. It has also obtained the French M1 and the Italian CI flame-ratings, as well as NFPA classifications.

Supergel is regarded as one of the most widely used color filter ranges in the world. It is comprised of more than 75 colors and 15 diffusions that are engineered using Rosco’s exclusive body-colored, polycarbonate extrusion process to offer the longest possible life under hot theatrical and film/TV light fixtures. This unique manufacturing process also provides Supergel with unsurpassed heat-resistance, color-stability and flame-retardancy.


Body-Colored Polycarbonate

Body-Colored Polycarbonate

Supergel features Rosco’s distinctive body-colored extrusion process. The manufacturing of these filters begins by combining powdered resin and dyes to create a concentrated color “pellet.” This concentrated colorant and additional clear resin are then fed into an extruder where they are blended together under intense pressure and heat. The mixture is then pushed through a die, which forms it into body-colored, 24” (60cm) wide film.


Color Stability

Supergel is the most heat-resistant filter available. Unlike other plastic filters, which begin with pre-formed rolls of clear polyester, Supergel’s distinctive body-colored manufacturing process yields a polycarbonate filter that is extruded into the exact thickness required for each color.  The polyester used in other filters, however, is essentially stretched into shape, which leaves tension memory that can cause the film to pucker and distort when placed on hot lights. In contrast, Supergel is extruded into its final state, allowing the film to maintain its shape in high temperatures. This is particularly advantageous when using color-scrollers, where puckering could cause the scroll to bind.




Rosco’s Academy Award® winning range of color, correction and diffusion filters

Rosco Cinegel Filters

Wide Range of Diffusion Filters

Rosco Cinegel Diffusion Filters

Cinegel offers over 30 different materials that alter the size, shape and intensity of the beam – allowing filmmakers and photographers to change the contrast ratio and the highlights & shadows created when lighting their set or subject. The range includes:

Tough Filters: Feature a higher melting point and are suitable for use directly in front of most light fixtures.

Soft Filters: Designed for use on low-heat light sources or on frames positioned several feet in front of hot light fixtures. Several of these soft filters can be sewn or welded into large butterflies and overheads, and are available in extra-wide rolls for fewer seams.

The Rosco Cinegel range includes over 200 tools for controlling light, including color corrections, diffusions, our patented CalColor System, The Storaro Selection and Cinelux. Since it's introduction in 1970, Cinegel has continually developed and grown to meet the working needs of professionals working behind the camera. In 1974, Rosco was honored with an Academy Award® for developing the Cinegel range and again in 1998 for the development of the CalColor range of calibrated colors for camera.


Deep-Dyed Polyester Base

Deep-Dyed Polyester Base

Cinegel color and correction filters are manufactured using Rosco’s unique deep-dyed technique. This process begins with a 48” (1.2m) wide roll of clear PET polyester that is passed through a heated dye bath. The bath causes the film to swell, expanding the polymer structure and allowing the dye molecules to penetrate into the base film. As the polymer contracts to its normal form, the dye is trapped below the surface.


Reflection & Bounce Materials

Rosco Cinegel Diffusion Filters

Bounced and reflected light is a useful tool for filmmakers and photographers when time, budget or space is limited. The Cinegel reflection and bounce materials offer a variety of choices that are lightweight, durable and convenient, and all of them are designed for permanent mounting to reflector boards or other rigid surfaces such as foamcore or showcard. The metallized reflector materials are constructed with a reflecting surface that is laminated to a durable white backing, which is also useful as a bounce material. Many of these reflectors have been softened by an embossing process to create a more diffused, indirect quality of illumination.


Paints - Rosco’s professional range of scenic and digital compositing paint lines

Chroma Key Paint

Rosco Chroma Key Paint Green and Blue
Color Phase Angle Luminance
#05710 Chroma Key Blue 342° 52
#05711 Chroma Key Green 242° 57

Rosco Chroma Key Paints have been formulated with the assistance of video technicians throughout the country. They are manufactured to provide the high luminance values and color saturation for keying effects.

  • FINISH: Matte.
  • SOLVENT: Water.
  • BINDER TYPE: Vinyl Acrylic.
  • DILUTION: Use straight out of the can. If necessary, dilute with water. Diluting Chroma Key paints may make coverage less even.
  • SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Prime porous surfaces, except fabrics, using Rosco Tough Prime. If painting a new plaster surface, prime wall with a commercial primer/sealer designed for raw plaster. Then use Rosco Tough prime as a final preparation.
  • APPLICATION: Stir contents before use. Do not shake. Apply by brush, roller, or spray gun. Apply in thin, even, uniform coats, using a good quality brush or roller. Use overlapping strokes, keeping a wet edge. Change roller direction often to avoid patterns and streaking.
  • FILM THICKNESS: 2 mil. Dry Film.
  • VOC CONTENT: Max 50g/L. 
  • COVERAGE: Appx 300 sq. ft. per gallon.
  • AVG. DRY TIME: AT 75°F (24°C) Dries to the touch in 30 minutes. Can be re-coated in 1-2 hours.
  • CLEAN-UP: Soap and water.
  • SHELF LIFE: Minimum 24 months.
  • PACKAGING: Quart (0.946L), 1 Gallon (3.79L), 5 Gallon (18.95L)

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